Last updated 8 months ago

Who is currently involved?

We are an open and informal network of developers as well as facilitators, activists and users of our own applications. The committed core team has strong heterogeneous skill set and collectively many decades of experience, which work in close collaboration with user groups actively working for change, so that all the work remains grounded in real needs, and immediately useful software is created.

In the past several years, we have worked with several food networks, and sensorica, an open value network that designs open­source hardware. As of over a year ago, we are focusing primarily on the needs of FairCoop and Bank of the Commons, with secondary work with Mutual Aid Network.

How is the team organized and structured?

The OCE team is an open non­hierarchical group. Our governance is based on open assemblies and consensus decisions. Since our main focus is ecosystem interoperability and interconnections, we welcome any kind of diversity and experiments that can bring values to the ecosystem and can test the boundaries of our protocols and tools.All our work ­ code, documents, articles ­ are released open­source from the beginning.

Our workflow so far includes weekly meetings to update ourself about our on going work ­ and monthly meeting to shape together with the ecosystem our roadmap, plus daily chat to foster collaboration and development.