Last updated 11 months ago

2018 Goal

Create the foundation and modules needed to allow communities to manage basic economic activities inside an ecosystem (digital or territorial). To reach this goal we need to release a robust valueflow API to allow new modules to interact easily with ecosystem data. During the 2018 we will also work on docs / guide to produce a clear and complete documentation.

1st Quarter 2018

2nd Quarter 2018

  • Enhance and maintain existing code

  • Implement Global Taxonomy / Skills

  • Start membership app discussion

  • Work on offers/needs interconnected apps

  • Deploy beta of multiwallet (based on santi new implementation and freecoin)

  • Deploy planning app from recipe

  • Implement FairLogin

3rd Quarter 2018

  • Add comment on the whole app ecosystem

  • Enhance and maintain existing code

  • Deploy coopshares app

  • Deploy an offers/needs app

4th Quarter 2018

  • Enhance and maintain existing code

  • Deploy membership app

  • Deploy planning app from scratch

2019 Goal

Empower OCE with new apps to fulfill ecosystemic needs, according to userbase priorities and work towards modularization and p2p infrastructure.