Current Status

Last updated 8 months ago

The development of the Agent app has currently the main priority inside the OCE participants to have a stable and functional working base for the FairCoop community. To do so the Agent App is directly converts economic data from the Open Colaborative Platform (OCP) thanks to the common vocabluary "ValueFlows".

What are the current possibilities with OCE?

Inside OCE any kind of events can be represented:

  • flexible networks of networks relationships

  • resource management and recipes

  • planning and coordination for producing, using, exchanging and sharing value

  • tracking events that produce, use, exchange and share value

  • tracking contributions from individual network members of work and resources

  • connecting value streams from idea to manufacture to end use and following them back

  • distributing income according to contributions using "value equation" decided by contributors

  • accounting views for a network, organization, project, individual

Use Agent to:

  • look at your profile, all work done, the groups you belong to and inventory.

  • Look at all your network activities

  • Check available work to do

  • Create new Production plans, inside one or more groups you belong to. Plans can cross multiple groups too

  • Edit existing plans

  • Log your work

  • Validate other people work, according to faircoop political agreement

  • Edit user settings

Use ocp to:

  • Register a new account (For person, group, local node, projects)

  • Use local node wallet

  • Create plan from recipe

  • Join projects/groups

🛠 Under Active development

  • Edit existing plans and works logged

  • Cover all the code of unit tests, in order to release the stable version

⏳ Next improvements

  • Register a new account (For person, group, local node, projects)

  • Add more features to plan creation

(As an ecosystem consists of multiple interconnecting components, at the moment there is actually not such a thing as an OCE. Thus, it should be considered work in process development where the software components are developed based on real needs.)